Valentine Bunting

Last year I started making new Valentine Decor! I hardly had any and what I did have was just the "old school" craft decor you find overpriced in the store...AND I didn't even like it. The wonderful world of DIY has opened up so many possibilities. You can get personal, creative and BRAVE! Plus I tend to be weigh on the side of BIG & SIMPLE decor. Things that make a statement but aren't too gaudy.

So I had my cute friend Heidi over to my place to craft! I love inviting her because she's SUPER crafty and even owns her own Cake/Cookie business like I do! So we are always picking each other's brain and referring clients to one another when we aren't available. I just adore her!

We decided to make some burlap bunting. Back then, this babies were just popping up around the decor world. I know it seems unoriginal at this point but back then it was pretty cute to us! I still think it is. I don't think bunting or burlap can ever go out of style. We cut the triangles out ourselves...although you can buy them precut at Hobby Lobby if you want to cut corners. I used white paint to handpaint my hearts on. Heidi used chalk on hers.

Look how cute Heidi's turned out! I absolutely love the Lone Red Heart. It's precious.
 Sorry Heid, I stole this from Instagram!!

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  1. Ha ha you're so cute! I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you!