DIY Valentine Burlap Wreath

Yet another project I rushed through without taking pictures! Drats...my apologies!

This Burlap Wreath was fairly easy to put together. However, I would make one recommendation. Instead of spray painting plain burlap, try to find burlap in the color that you want. It takes a LOT of spray paint and a lot of time. And in the end mine didn't turn out as dark red as I wanted. Live and learn, right?

1. Purchase a styrofoam wreath from the craft store or Walmart
2. 1 yard of colored burlap
3. Cut burlap into strips. I did 2 x 12 I believe. Totally guesstimating here. I basically made sure my ties were long enough to wrap around the wreath and tie.
4. Start by tieing your strips around the wreath and stagger the knot in different places. It will create a more staggered, full look.
5. Cute small triangles out of left over burlap and hand-paint acrylic letters on with small paint brush. Believe it or not, I was in a pinch and I used red lipstick!! ?Hot glue to a string of hemp and tie around wreath in the angle you want.

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